SFRC Manhole cover and frames

SFRC Manhole cover and frames

SFRC (Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete) Manhole covers are available in square, rectangular & circular shape. Provided with easy lifting hooks which are duly protected against corrosion. SFRC manhole covers and frames are manufactured using the latest vibro-compaction techniques, accurately designed moulds appropriate reinforcement and with appropriate concrete grade. . Our range of manhole covers and frames are ISI marked and comply with IS 12592 specifications. We can custom design manhole parts and covers in different shapes, sizes and thickness based upon the requirements of the clients. Covers of non slandered sizes can also be supplied.

Our range of manhole covers & frames are designed for use in standard municipal, industrial and urban settings. These manholes can withstand heavy traffic and loads. The unique design of the covers makes them easy to install and remove for regular inspection of the sewer.

Types and their test load :

  • Light duty 2.5 MT
  • Medium duty 10 MT
  • Heavy duty 20 MT
  • Extra heavy duty 35 MT

sfrc-manhole-cover-and-frames sfrc-manhole-cover-and-frames2